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"Wonder Strokes" a make-up book written by Vinod Sarode - Make Designer. This books has a great content about makeup and it's ways to make a face look the best. It is the first book written by Mr. Vinod Sarode, and had a great demand in the makeup industry. The also contains facts about the makeup.

The Book was Launched on 15th July 2014, the book was launched by Ms. Amruta Khanvilkar. A very auspicious day in the history of "Rangtarang". Mr. Vinod Sarode with the magic of his color which he spreads on face likewise he spreaded his colors on the book named "Wonder Strokes" a book about Makeup and Hair style.

With keeping a perspective in mind that how to make people feel about the makeup industry as a career option. There are also some guidence about doing makeup at home. There some tips about the composition of chemicals which can be harmful for the skin. Also it has some good information about some ayurvedic material available in the market.One more main thing this book has about hair styling some basic tips which can help you to do hair style according to your fashion. He was also written how to take care of your hair regularly so that one can maintain his/her black hair and no need of external chemical color.

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